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July 19, 2007



YAY for green yarn! Man did Amy get that color right, and I bet the beads go beautifully with it. I finished the first chart today and am on to the second and using lifelines. Would you believe the puppy did it again!!! Not as tragic this time tho, and I got the stitches picked back up much easier. Little psycho -- you said he was trouble! lol


What a gorgeous green!


That is a magical shade of green. I like the coppery beads with it as well.

Gina House

That yarn is so gorgeous! Spunky is so super talented, isn't she? She must be on the same wavelength with you on color. Your shawl is looking great!


That is about the best green I have ever seen. I want some!


I knit because I find it ties me to sontheimg tangible in the world. I work in graphic design, with files and data, with digital photographs bits of electronic information passed between one form of memory and another, but nothing I can really grasp.When I knit it is sontheimg for my hands to enjoy. To see the hues of 3D objects affected by the light from the window and the shadows of people moving across them. When I knit I can feel the wool, which ties me to nature and ties me to the earth, and makes me feel grounded in this digital, high-tech age.

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