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June 29, 2008



My system looks similar but not so classy - I use crates. You know the ones; they look like milk crates. They are all stacked on top of each other. Of course, I took over 1/2 of them for clothes and ended up with yarn everywere but where it belongs. I've just started cleaning my "Spare Oom"- it may take a while, but if you blog your process, maybe it'll be the motivation I need. :)


Oh, don't you dare tease us will that terrific unit and not disclose the finished product! MUST SEE. Have fun loading it all up. I can image you will make some wonderful stash re-discoveries as you go! =-)


OHHH! Thank you Julie, I think we have a new name for "Mandy's Room"!


Cubbies! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Just like kindergarten! :D

I have the Target version of that... Only mine are slightly smaller... 3x3.

I loooooove them though.


Love your new system. I have (3) 2X4 Expedits in my living room, but unfortunately many shelves got filled with non-knitting junk before I could fill them all. Alison from Concord also has an Expedit yarn storage system. Next time you go to IKEA, please invite me. I can take the hubby's Pilot and we can see just how much we can get into that rig.

Gina House

Yay! You finally got it! I think it'll be extremely amusing to see the excess yarn bursting out the sides, top and bottom of the it, blog it!

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