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July 01, 2008


Gina House

Ericka, I feel your pain. I sometimes can't even go into my closet AT ALL. Time for some serious de-stashing.....(while on my way to go with Jackie to buy some MORE yarn!) AHHHH! Can't wait to see the finished shelves.


I am coveting your Ikea shelf! Looks like you won't have any trouble filling it. BTW, I don't own up to my stash on Rav either ;)


When did cataloguing all that yummy goodness become owning up?! I think it is simply about efficiency.

The real question is: With all that yummy yarn displayed in plain sight, so you know at a glance what you have, do you need to also catalogue it?

Cannot wait to see what those cubbies look like filled!


I can't wait to see the shelves full; I think you should get a second shelf so that no yarn will be closed inside a box and you'll be able to see it all :-)

(this from the woman who hasn't got a clue what I have for yarn because I can't seem to keep it in the crates I bought for it.


I think you should stash it all on ravelry! Good luck with the organization. I can't wait to see your yarn store when it is all set up and pretty. Take lots of photos of that please.

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