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November 15, 2008



Sounds like a perfect day and I noticed you were wearing the perfect beautiful sweater. Hope to make Rhinebeck one of these days


Fun post about Rhinebeck. Sounds like quite the day. I look forward to reading about your spinning swap pal. (I seem to miss out on the interesting swaps.)


Hi Darling!
It was fun seeing you again and I definitely need to make it back to Manchester soon. :)
Bunny hugs,
K =:8


I went to the presentation, and I saw the pblorem, at least one of them: the BID was very very poorly done. But it only took 3 years.The presentation of BIDS by experienced BID managers was perfect but that was NOT the BID BAK had done Business in general and BAK in particular just does NOT want to involve the community a BID would be a great selling point to all the neighbors I mean would not be thrilled to have your neighbor come by and tell you how he was making his place look nicer, with you in mind, and he hoped you'd like it?You need the keen eye and professional assessment of people like Haye Clement, Andi Levin and I don't know who else I'd add. A professional and social and business view

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